Hardwick B & A Club
Hardwick Primary School
Bury St Edmunds
Tel: 07858 471676
Ofsted Registration No: 961777

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Our staff are aware of the need and the rights of parents and children to confidentiality. This right exists within a framework that is designed to protect the health, safety, rights and best interests of the child. 

The following points comply with Data Protection Act 1998:

The B & A Club need to request personal information regarding the individuals at our club. We are required to store information relating to Name, Age, Special Needs, Family details, including parent’s details and other family members, address, telephone numbers, doctors, etc.

The personal data we collect is used to process your request for our service, to provide such services and to keep records of those who use our services as required in order for us to comply with the relevant parties and officials.

Data will be kept as accurate and up to date as possible and will be held for no longer than necessary for the purpose registered, in accordance with the data protection guidelines. We will regularly check that data held is kept up to date, is adequate and not excessive for the purpose it is being held. 

Hardwick B & A Club will, in general, only disclose data about individuals with their consent. However there are circumstances under which we may need to disclose data without explicit consent.

These circumstances are limited to:

  • Child’s data disclosed to authorised recipients related to education and administration necessary for the Club to perform its statutory duties and obligations.
  • Child’s data disclosed to authorised parties in relation to their health, safety and welfare.
  • Child’s data disclosed to their parents in relation to their child’s progress, achievements or general behaviour within the club.
  • Staff data disclosed to relevant authorities – i.e. for payroll and administrative duties.

Only authorised staff are permitted to make external disclosure of personal data. Data used within the B & A Club will only be made available when the person or people requesting the information are permitted to do so and are working legitimately with the club and when the information requested is required for them to complete their work.

The B & A Club will not disclose any information from a child’s records that would be likely to cause serious harm to their physical or mental health or that of anyone else.

  • Prior, written permission will be obtaine Hardwick B & A Club undertake to ensure the security of personal data.

Appropriate measures are taken to ensure that the building is secure, such as locks on cupboards. Only authorised personal are able to access any personal information held on paper, computers and disks.

Any queries and concerns regarding security of Club data should be placed in writing and referred to the manager or chairperson.

All Staff and committee are required to undertake DBS check in order to work with the club.

Staff can be held personally liable in law under the terms of the Data Protection Act. They may also be subject to claim for damages from persons who believe they have been harmed as a result of inaccuracy, unauthorised use or disclosure of their data. A deliberate breach of the Data Protection policy will be treated as a disciplinary matter and serious breaches could lead to dismissal.

When no longer required all personal data will be disposed of by the use of a shredder.