Hardwick B & A Club
Hardwick Primary School
Bury St Edmunds
Tel: 07858 471676
Ofsted Registration No: 961777

Behaviour Management Policy

Our Club uses effective Behaviour Management Strategies to promote the welfare and enjoyment of children attending our club. Working in partnership with parents, we aim to manage behaviour using clear, consistent and positive strategies

Whilst at the club we expect:

  • To ensure that all members of the club, adults or children, have a clear     understanding of our agreed code of behaviour.  
  • All children coming to the club have a right to participate and enjoy what is on offer without fear of intimidation, harassment, physical or verbal abuse. 
  • We strive to promote behaviour that encourages respect for each individual, co-operation with each other and opportunities for play within a safe and caring environment. 
  • Racism, sexism and other kinds of discriminatory behaviour will be challenged and will not be allowed to continue within the play setting. 
  • To ensure that any disciplinary measures that may need to be used are clearly understood by all and are consistently applied. 

As members of staff we undertake to: 

  • Be positive, consistent, fair and thorough in all investigations. 
  • Encourage, support and praise positive behaviour.
  • Consistently maintain accepted standards of behaviour, politeness, good manners and respect for others and to report any incidents of racism/discrimination to the play leader who will maintain a record of such incidents. 
  • Provide an attractive, peaceful, secure, yet stimulating environment. 
  • Draw up and negotiate a set of ground rules at the start of each year with the children. 
  • Be a positive role model for the children with regard to friendliness, care and courtesy. 

When a child behaves inappropriately the following procedure will be applied:

  • Staff member deals directly with the child in a calm, firm and positive manner.
  • In the first instance the child will be removed from the activity.
  • Staff will discuss why the behave displayed is deemed inappropriate.
  • Staff will give the child the opportunity to explain their behaviour, to help prevent a reoccurrence.
  • Staff will encourage and mediate between children to try to resolve conflicts through discussion and negotiation.
  • If breakages occur parent/carer will be required to pay for replacements.
  • Staff member consults with senior member of staff if the unacceptable behaviour persists.
  • Senior staff member approaches parent/carer to discuss possible reasons and solutions if the child continues to display inappropriate behaviour.
  • If the child continues to display inappropriate behaviour the Chairperson/Manager and parent/carer will meet formally to discuss the options available for the child. If the child is excluded it will be fully explained to the child as to why this has occurred.

Physical intervention will only be used as a last resort, when staff believe that action is necessary to prevent injury to the child or others, or to prevent significant damage to equipment or property. If a member of staff has to physically restrain a child, the manager will be notified and an Incident Record will be completed. The incident will be discussed with the parent/carer as soon as possible. 

We at the club will adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy for abusive behaviour towards staff, this applies to both aggression and the use of bad language. If a child uses this kind of behaviour towards a member of staff, an incident form will be completed and the parents will be given a warning that next time the child will be excluded from the club for a week. If a second incident occurs the child will be excluded from the club for the week with another warning to the parents that if another incident occurs the child will be excluded for half a term. Further incidents will require the club to review the suitability of the setting for the child and may result in permanent exclusion from the club.